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ArtCare MIA in Action

 A glimpse into the painting conservation studio life at ArtCare Miami with Kelly O'Neil, Oliver Watkiss, and Veronica Romero.

The Arnold Belkin mural in Hell's Kitchen

ArtCare has been involved with the preservation of this Arnold Belkin mural in Hell's Kitchen over the past five years.

Conservation Tests at the Pose & Revok mural at the Goldman Wynwood Walls

Rustin and Veronica carried out a test with an exciting, new coating material designed by a conservator and scientist in Philadelphia.  An area on the Pose & Revok mural at the Goldman Wynwood Walls was cleaned, brushed with the solution, and will be monitored over time.  During the same week a similar test was carried out on a Keith Haring mural in Paris. Stay tuned for results!


NYC Studio's Yeonjoo Kim's DIY Gentle Humidifier

Yeonjoo Kim has been devising ingenious ways to gently humidify small local areas in paintings in the New York studio. Using her daughter's toys or parts of plastic cups and a little thread, she supports lightly dampened blotters, covers them with mylar, and leaves them on the painting for the appropriate amount of time. 


ArtCare MIA Participates in the 2015 Angels Project at History Miami

Since 1988, as part of its Annual Meeting, AIC works with local conservators to develop an Angels Project. The primary goal of an Angels Project is to promote a broader understanding of the importance of cultural preservation while providing meaningful assistance to important local collections.

LAYERS OF UNDERSTANDING: Graffiti & the Miami Marine Stadium AIA MIAMI

Rustin speaks on a panel with architects, artists, preservation and conservation experts. They have all gathered for a discussion on the upcoming conservation of the existing building and how to address the Miami Marine Stadium's history as a venue and as a graffiti canvas.



Javier Hernandez with PAMM'ss Katerina Llanes Hosting a Locust Projects Round Table

Last Month ArtCare Miami's Studio Manager, Javier Hernandez Joined up with long friend Katerina Llanes,Time-Based Art Coordinator at the Perez Art Museum, to host a round table discusion at Locust Projects. The talk  was titled "Cutting Diamonds in the Swamp", where we discussed the fast growing art scene in Miami. Below are some images from that night. To learn more about Locust Projects events and lectures go to:

Rustin's Residency at the American Academy in Rome

Rustin will be in Rome for the next few weeks doing a residency at the American Academy.  We will be updating her photo album with her comments on our blog, documenting her epic adventures in Italy. If you would like to learn more about the Academy of Art in Rome please follow this link: AMERICAN ACADEMEY IN ROME


Preparing for "The Angels Project", AIC 2015

Kelly O'Neil, Rosa Lowinger ,Kristen Adsit,  Adriana Millares ( Collection Manager) at History Miami Museum, planning for The Angel's Project the will take place during the AIC meeting.

ArtCare MIA Installs Persian Mural at the Elling O. Eide Library in Sarasota, FL.

 After many months of restoration in our Miami studio this 18th century Persian Mural finally gets installed in its permanent new home at the Elling O. Eide Library in Sarasota, FL. 

Find out more about the Elling O. Eide Foundation at

Check out some of the highlights below:

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