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Experts restore WWII-era mural in St. Petersburg City Hall

 Restoration is almost complete on one of the city’s signature murals. Painted in the 1940s, “The Pier” by George Snow Hill depicts residents on the earlier Million Dollar Pier ...  (Tampa Tribune)

Bergen County Historical Society tends to Sandy-damaged artifacts

 "Over the weekend, more than 20 volunteers — many conservation students and some, like Irgang Alden, professionals — helped the Bergen County Historical Society stabilize artifacts damaged by Sandy flooding, some objects waterlogged for the second time in five years."

Saving Bergen history: Volunteers help conserve Sandy-damaged artifacts

 New York Studio Director Harriet Irgang Alden brought her professional guidance to the team who volunteered their efforts to rescue damaged artifacts at the Superstorm Sandy-ravaged home of the Bergen County NJ Historical Society.

Touching Up A Merry Old Soul

 Ralph Gardner Jr. on the Restoration of a Maxfield Parrish Painting at the St. Regis

Restored Pied Piper returns to namesake bar

With a Champagne toast and a deep bow to more than a century of tradition, the famous Maxfield Parrish painting "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" returned to San Francisco's Palace Hotel.

The Importance of Testing and Research in Developing Treatment Protocol

Guest blog entry at Caryatid Conservation Services

If designing a treatment protocol were as easy as surfing up “how to clean a painting”, then Google would simply direct you to your kitchen to mix up a cleaning solution of (warm) lemon water or to use a potato or an onion cut in half to rub on the paint surface. If your intuition tells you these are bad ideas, you are absolutely correct. ...